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Q. What is an ImageBoard
A. An imageboard is a place where everybody can share images and comments, you dont need to register to post, and indeed, you cannot register, see more about privacy later. The fact that nobody has to register and full anonymity gives the user more freedom to express their real opinions.
Q. How to a "register"?
A. Well, you cannot register, but there is one way to protect your identity! In the Name field, input your username, followed by a numeral # and then your "password", for example fedekun#hachan, when you submit it, hachan will encode the word hachan with many different algorythms, to make it a 6 letters low-case string, no matter now long your password is it will always be 6 letters long and in lowercase, also with some numbers, this way you ensure nobody will be able to get the same "encoded password".
Q. Do i have to upload an image?
A. Only if you start a new post, as this is an imageboard, it is neccessary, but not when you are writing a reply, when you are replying you only have to fill the comments textarea.
Q. How do i quote?
A. To quote a text just do this > my quote here < between the > and < symbols. To refer to a post do >>#post_number, and it will look like this >>1235 And finally to refer to a post in other board do >>/board/#post_number, and it will look like this >>>/a/1235
Q. What is sage?
A. Sage is what you enter in the email field if you dont want to bump the current post you are replying, it wont work if you put it when you are starting a new post.
Q. How do i report posts/replies?
A. Just click the report link located in each post, an administrator will check them and if he/she considers it appropiate, it will delete the post and take action if required.
Q. How do i delete my own posts/replies?
A. When you make a new post /reply, you have to fill the password fild with a string which later will be used for deletion, this means that when you want to delete one of your replies for example, click in the delete link, then put the password you used for that reply, and if its correct, the reply will be deletted.
Q. Did you delete my post?
A. After the 10 pages, all posts are deletted, this is copyed from popular imageboards, and its very useful to save bandwidth and disk space.